Longton Memorial Tennis Club

The website of Longton Memorial Tennis Club

Longton Tennis club collects a small amount of personal data from its members (name, address, phone numbers, email address) and we are obliged to inform members what we do with this data. i.e:-

  1. We collect club members’ personal data via membership application forms and produce a membership list on an annual basis as part of running the club, accounting, knowing who is eligible to use the clubs facilities, communications on club events and activities, etc. i.e. it is only being used for the purpose intended.
  2. The master list is collected, maintained and stored on the club Treasurer’s personal computer.
  3. We share the membership list with tennis team captains and committee members via email and post contact details of key member on our club website and club house.
  4. We also provide team contacts details to the Ribble and Fylde Tennis Leagues for their use in running the leagues and for posting on their websites
  5. We do not use any 3rd parties for data processing.
  6. We do not pass any data onto 3rd parties if requested or for marketing purposes.  
  7. We will only retain personal data for as long as necessary. This means that the membership lists will be kept for the current and previous tennis season only and all earlier lists deleted.
  8. It is therefore the responsibility of all club members that have the membership lists to delete versions older than 12 months on 1st April on an annual basis.
  9. If any members have any questions or issues with the above, please contact anyone on the LTC committee.